Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Stay or Not to Stay

I need your advice. I'm thinking of retiring this blog and just keeping one blog for all my musings. Here are my considerations:

Currently, I have two blogs (this one and my Healing Nest blog), plus a website and a presence on Facebook. All of my blogs feed into Facebook.

My Quiet Girl Gallery blog and Healing Nest blog are starting to feel more and more the same to me. Bodywork + art + writing + healing + self-expression + personal growth.

It's a bit of a job to keep up two blogs, although I love my initial intentions for each. The Healing Nest was to be an extension of my Rising Bird Healing Arts business. Quiet Girl Gallery was to be my own expression in art and writing. More and more these are meshing together. My journey is your journey is our journey.

So what advice do you have for me? What if Quiet Girl became part of Healing Nest?

Thank you for your feedback!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


I spent an afternoon with my friend Karen playing with plaster at her wonderful studio in Ballard the other day and created one piece, with several layers underneath. This last piece is the "final" version (or the latest one, anyway). Where once there was a typewriter, there is now a bird and egg! My art pieces are often like this, but I usually don't take pictures of my works-in-progress along the way so you can see what's underneath. And truth to tell, I rather like knowing a little secret about my art. Sometimes I sell an art piece and only I know that someone is not only leaving with an encaustic of a bird in a tree, but that there is a heart underneath and perhaps some scattering of letters or words. I like knowing that my process, my invisible mark, still lives.

This dynamic is similar to the layers of human beings. What parts do we wish to show to people? What layers do we only share with a partner, a companion animal, or a best friend? What aspects of ourselves do we keep absolutely private, hidden under all the other layers? What layers do we find ugly or displeasing and which layers do we take such pride in and want to share?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Journey Turtle

The Journey, 8" x 10" encaustic

I have been commissioned to create just a few art pieces in my life and this piece above is the most recent one. I said goodbye to The Journey today and hope that this piece is a sign of more commissioned pieces in my future -- as well as more art-making in general in my life. (Oh, and more blogging about art-making and creativity, too!)

I finish teaching this Tuesday, and then after the tornado of grading, I'll be a bit more freed up to spend more time with the art materials that seem to call to me on a daily basis. (I swear, my encaustic wax is humming and my paints are shaking!)

May summer bring creative abundance to all of us -- and may we take the journeys that allow us to find our way to the things we love.