Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Journey Turtle

The Journey, 8" x 10" encaustic

I have been commissioned to create just a few art pieces in my life and this piece above is the most recent one. I said goodbye to The Journey today and hope that this piece is a sign of more commissioned pieces in my future -- as well as more art-making in general in my life. (Oh, and more blogging about art-making and creativity, too!)

I finish teaching this Tuesday, and then after the tornado of grading, I'll be a bit more freed up to spend more time with the art materials that seem to call to me on a daily basis. (I swear, my encaustic wax is humming and my paints are shaking!)

May summer bring creative abundance to all of us -- and may we take the journeys that allow us to find our way to the things we love.