Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Stay or Not to Stay

I need your advice. I'm thinking of retiring this blog and just keeping one blog for all my musings. Here are my considerations:

Currently, I have two blogs (this one and my Healing Nest blog), plus a website and a presence on Facebook. All of my blogs feed into Facebook.

My Quiet Girl Gallery blog and Healing Nest blog are starting to feel more and more the same to me. Bodywork + art + writing + healing + self-expression + personal growth.

It's a bit of a job to keep up two blogs, although I love my initial intentions for each. The Healing Nest was to be an extension of my Rising Bird Healing Arts business. Quiet Girl Gallery was to be my own expression in art and writing. More and more these are meshing together. My journey is your journey is our journey.

So what advice do you have for me? What if Quiet Girl became part of Healing Nest?

Thank you for your feedback!



  1. How to manage two blogs is mind boggling... I have difficulty keeping up with one. I think merging the two would be delightfully easier on you and allow more time for your creative spirit. Much luck in your decision...

  2. I see you answering your question here -- do you? :)

  3. I think you should combine...and not because I feel guilty about only mentioning Rising Bird in the LNTAM article--I figured people would find your gallery pretty easily--I think it's easier to maintain one site with two synchronous media than two sites that reflect what you're going through RIGHT now. But, that's me. Reflect on it.

  4. seems like they'd be a beautiful marriage together in one blog, since it seems you've already been heading in that direction (as you said, with many posts being about bodywork + art, etc.).

    I suppose if you are feeling strange about one blog absorbing the other, you could create a new entity, like Quiet Girl's Healing Nest, but maybe that's going too far? :)

  5. I vote for combining. One blog is alot of work. ALthough I love reading both, two blogs are too much work.

  6. I think the question you should be asking is 'do I really need facebook taking up all my free creative time' I read this blog 'Quiet Girl' but not your other blog. I think you should have only one blog incorportating both. I love your art and look forward to seeing what you come up with but not always comment. I bye the way got rid of facebook and I am now free to create. Worth thinking about too.

  7. i vote for one blog encompassing all that you do!
    make it easy on you and your readers!
    life is short - go make art.
    or love.
    or BOTH!

  8. Since, as you say, your journey has converged into a single path, combining the two blogs seems very natural. I LOVE everything you do, so I'm going to read you no matter where you write!

  9. Merge everything together. It'll be like VOLTRON! Except with healing blogs instead of giant mechanical lions!

    My question is, will you take this blog down, or keep it around as an online archive?

  10. Thank you for all your feedback, wonderful people! I'd love it if you followed me over to!

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